group prenatal care

* Group prenatals are an optional part of our care *

They say it takes a village

But where can you find the village? Come find your people in our group prenatal sessions!

We live in a time when families are spread all across the country and friendships are hard to find once you’re an adult. Pregnancy is the perfect time to connect with others who are in the same place in life as you–you’re all getting ready to have a baby–at home, no less! The friends you make in our group sessions and the stories you share will create lasting bonds that will make your pregnancy more enjoyable and studies have shown it also improves pretty much all of the birth outcomes. Our clients have said that participating in these groups has helped them learn more than they did with previous pregnancies and feel better prepared for birth. Our groups have continued to meet for play dates after the babies have been born and it has been a joy to see the community that has been created by doing prenatal care together! 

Prenatal groups will consist of other individuals who are due around the same time as you and will meet for eight 2-hour sessions during your prenatal period. The expanded visit time provides the opportunity for in-depth peer-to-peer discussion, which facilitates both learning opportunities and social support. Your group’s meetings are all scheduled out before you start your prenatal care, which gives you the ease of long-term scheduling for the entirety of your prenatal period. Classes eliminate any office wait times for prenatal appointments and allows for the development of unique, long-term social bonds that come from walking through pregnancy together. The eight group sessions cover the following topics:

  • Nutrition for pregnancy
  • Exercise and alignment to prepare for birth
  • Body changes in pregnancy and how to avoid common discomforts
  • Birth Preferences : talking through the options in childbirth
  • “What happens if…”
  • Postpartum : Preparing yourself and your home
  • Newborn Care
  • Labor Prep : Mind, Body, and Spirit

If complications arise during your pregnancy, they can be managed through supplemental individual visits and as-needed specialist referrals, while routine prenatal care and health assessments can usually continue within your group. You will have the opportunity to meet with your midwife one-on-one during each class session to address any questions, concerns, discuss lab results, etc. while also enjoying the benefits of class discussions and social support.

Group prenatal care is an special part of our care and we look forward to having you join us!!

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