Preparing Your Mind and Body for Birth: A Midwife’s Guide



As you enter the final stretch of pregnancy, I want you to remember how strong and capable your body is. Your body conceived this baby and and grown him or her quite well to this point in time. Each positive choice that you make now adds to your bodyโ€™s strength and readiness for the journey ahead. In these final weeks, let self-care be your mantra. Every act of nourishing and preparing yourself is an act of love for you and your baby.

Looking ahead, I want you to think like an athlete who is preparing for a tournament or big race day. In the final weeks leading up to the competition, they donโ€™t throw out their good habits and figure they put in enough work already that theyโ€™ll be fine. No way!

Instead they really focus on staying the course to make sure their mind and body are ready. I want you to do the same! Listen to your body, rest when you need to, but keep taking excellent care of your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

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